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01 February 2015


Owned and sailed by well-known master sailmaker/rigger
Rupert Broom, at helm.

Shared by history helper, Miles McCoy, Orcas Is.
Both photos collected by Joe Williamson, mid 1940s.

She was designed and built by Bill Garden, for Rupert Broom, shortly after WW II. She was lightly framed and planked and proved unsound. Rupert took her to Frank Prothero who beefed her up a bit.
      Rupert commuted to Port Madison with AFRICA until AFRICAN STAR was completed at Maritime Shipyard by Ole Running, the old time Swedish master shipwright.
      About 1947, AFRICAN STAR was designed by Billy Atkin, slightly altered by Rupert and Ole Running. She was definitely heavy built, but very durable.
      Rupert commuted daily, winter and summer, hunting the tide rips and gales wherever he could find them in Admiralty Inlet and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. He found wonderful pleasure in weathering everything Point Wilson could throw at him.
      John Adams bought AFRICA from Rupert; he sailed, cruised and commuted some in her for many years.
      The barrel chested guy at the tiller, with his shirt off in both photos, is Rupert.

Text and photos submitted by life long sailor, Miles McCoy, former skipper of the beautiful SHARON L., West Sound, Orcas Island, WA. Thanks Miles.
      If you have any memories of AFRICA, comments are welcome, submitted below.
      A post on the well-known Rupert Broom can be viewed here. Broom's AFRICAN STAR visiting friends in San Juan County can be viewed here.


  1. As a teenager in the early 1970s I used to putter with my family from Edmonds to Kingston in our old Chris Craft. I was and still am obsessed with sailing, and as soon as we moored I would run over to spend time with my two great loves. The first was the incomparable Murray Peterson schooner COASTER, and when I'd filled my eyes with her I would go visit AFRICA. Of the two I was most smitten by COASTER, probably because it is impossible to not be mesmerized by that clipper bow. But I dearly loved AFRICA for her sheer saltiness and seagoing character. I enjoyed the history you have presented. I never would have guessed she was a Bill Garden design or that she was as young as that. Any idea what became of her?

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by to read and comment. Perhaps one of our readers will know the answer to your question. I'll ask around, too.
      Happy sails.

    2. Hello C.W.,
      Thank you for reading the Log.
      I can share the source easily but maybe not on here.
      You are "non-reply."
      Here's a clue–– Try this: saltwaterpeople at gmail dot com.
      Best regards.


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