"The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down." A. Whitney Brown.

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San Juan Archipelago, Washington State, United States
A society formed in 2009 for the purpose of collecting, preserving, celebrating, and disseminating the maritime history of the San Juan Islands and northern Puget Sound area. Check this log for tales from out-of-print publications as well as from members and friends. There are circa 700, often long entries, on a broad range of maritime topics; there are search aids at the bottom of the log. Please ask for permission to use any photo posted on this site. Thank you.


19 Jan 1900

"Indian Tom, one of the oldest and best known Native Americans in the county, died at his home near Roche Harbor last Friday [19 January 1900] after an illness of several weeks. His wife, one son 'Johnnie,’ and 2 daughters, Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Cepas, both of whom live near Roche Harbor, survive him. The old man persistently refused to make any will and there is likely to be something of a contest for his property consisting of quite a valuable tract of land of about 200 acres where he lived. He refused also to be taken from the big, barren old rancho where he lived and died, to the comfortable house occupied by his daughter, Mrs. Anderson, nearby. He wanted to lie where he could watch the open fire burning on the earth floor of the hut and the smoke curling up through the smoke hole in the shake roof."
Text from the San Juan Islander 25 January 1900. Verbatim.

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