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1962 ❖ The YARMOUTH Attends the Seattle World's Fair

Seattle World's Fair
9 May 1962.

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Photographer unknown.
Original photograph from the archives
of the Saltwater People Historial Society©
The Ship Arrives Here––Then Her Passengers

"The YARMOUTH, a part-time passenger ship, was back in business as a floating resort for World's Fair guests at Pier 66.
      The YARMOUTH arrived yesterday afternoon after a voyage from San Francisco. Her 175 passengers straggled in later after ferry, ship, and bus trips from Victoria, BC. 
      The YARMOUTH is scheduled to make 17 more vacation cruises here from San Francisco. She sails under the Panamanian flag, so is prohibited by US law from carrying passengers between American ports.
      Most passengers were not told before the cruise of the planned Victoria transfer. But generally, they found the last lap a refreshing change. Anna Demetroff, a singer from San Francisco took a ferry-bus trip from Victoria to Anacortes, as did most passengers. She was one of the few from the YARMOUTH to make it to the fair last night. 
      The vacationers enjoyed sunny weather until they entered Puget Sound. But rain failed to dampen the spirits of Mrs. John Moreland, Eureka, CA.
      'There's such a lovely feeling here," she said.
      Prices run from $195 to $510 for the 10-day trip.
      The 10,000-ton ship, skippered by Capt. Stan Fidel of Trieste has a capacity of 375." Text from the Seattle Times 9 May 1962. Pg. 47.

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