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25 April 2015

❖ BLUE SEA ❖ ❖

ON 215357
Located Seattle, WA. Dated 1922.

Original photo from the archives of S.P.H.S.©
Four men on board for the trip to the Arctic:
L-R: A. H. Andersen, manager of the expedition
Chris Lane, mate.
L-R: Capt. Johannes Beck,
Paul Hansen, engineer.

Published in the Seattle Daily Times.
This work boat was built on Shaw Island for the San Juan Canning Company. At the time of her launching, her home port was listed as Friday Harbor, WA.

Below data from the Master Carpenter Certificate from the National Archives/Pacific/Alaska Region in Seattle, WA., a document filed by the actual builder for documenting a vessel with the federal government:

Year of completion: 20 June 1917

Master Carpenter: Frank Eugene Fowler (signed as F. E. Fowler)
(There is a chance she may have been designed by island boatbuilder, Delbert E. Hoffman, who died prematurely in June 1915.)

Her registered dimensions from the 1924 US List of Merchant Vessels:

42.3'  x 14' x 6.2'
G.t. 28
N.t. 23

On the reverse of this 8" x 10" photograph, it states that "the tiny vessel was loading for a five-year trading cruise to the "Siberian Arctic."

      A plea was put out for more news of the expedition; historian Mr. M. Burwell responded with data he has found and shared. Enough to wash this brief Log entry right off the deck. Update to come in the future.

      If you know of any descendants of the four men in the photos above, all input welcome, to add details to the story of this vessel and all who sailed her. Thank you.

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