"Of all national assets, archives are the most precious:
they are the gift of one generation to another,
and the extent of our care of them marks the
extent of our civilization." Arthur Doughty.

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San Juan Islands, Washington State, United States
A society formed in 2009 for the purpose of collecting, preserving, celebrating, and disseminating the maritime history of the San Juan Islands and northern Puget Sound area. Check this log for tales from out-of-print publications as well as from members and friends. There are circa 500, often long entries, on a broad range of maritime topics; there are search aids at the bottom of the log. Please ask for permission to use any photo posted on this site. Thank you.

01 January 2016


"That is the way a ship's logbook starts off at the outset of a voyage. 'We take our departure'  from the last land sighted––be that [Nahcotta, Canoe Pass, Eastsound, Fletcher Bay or Prevost Harbor.] As it drops below the horizon, its bearings are set down, and that is the starting point of the daily reckoning of distances and directions sailed. So the ship's 'departure' is not an end, but a beginning." Here we depart on a new year.
Colcord, J. Sea Language Comes Ashore. Cornell Maritime. (1945): 3.
NAHCOTTA, Willapa Bay, WA.
Photographer unknown,
Original from the archives of the S.P.H.S.©
Two master "CUTTER"
Inscribed: "4th Aug. boat on the beach. I had painted
one side, at Fletchers Bay, Bainbridge Island, WA.
Bill 'the Tough', Jim and Fred, shipmates." 
Original from the archives of the S.P.H.S.©
PRONTO, Canoe Pass, WA.
Photograph by Brady (1880-1967.)
From the archives of S.P.H.S.©
Unknown tug by photographer Fred Darvill (1882-1976)
founder of Darvill's Rare Prints in Eastsound, Orcas Island, WA.
Original undated photo from the archives of S.P.H.S.©
"Grandpa Adkins Sailboat," inscribed verso.
Original undated photo from the archives of the S.P.H.S.©
These mystery vessels in the first post of the year have been accessioned into the maritime archives. If you recognize any of them from handed down photos from family or friends, it would be nice to know some background; if you know any data, please contact the web admin.
Happy Sails in 2016.
We are still posting photographs and stories;
sometimes we go backward to update earlier files.
Come back.

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