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they are the gift of one generation to another,
and the extent of our care of them marks the
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31 May 2016

❖ Bark RED JACKET on Seattle Waterfront ❖ 1917-1918

ON 215219

2,782 G.t.
298.5' x 43.6' x 24.5'
Seattle waterfront 1917
Built as British flag BALASORE
Click to enlarge.
Collected by the Williamson Marine Photo Shop
Negative number 5316-1 
Low res scan from an original photo from the S.P.H.S.©

Operated by the US Shipping Board
on this date of 11 September 1917.
Photo by Webster & Stevens,
Seattle, WA.

Low res scan from an original in the archives of S.P.H.S.©

When the US entered WW I on 6 April 1917 there were 100 German vessels, comprising in all, some 640,440 gross tons interned in American ports. These vessels were all seized before the day was out.
Four were square-rigged sailing vessels in Northwest waters:
Steinbeck, Arnoldus Vinnen, Kurt, and Dalbek.
Dalbek (originally the British Balasore) was first named Red Jacket by the US Shipping Board––later in the year, she was renamed Monongahela.
Above notes from H.W. McCurdy's Marine History of the Pacific Northwest. Newell. 1965

1892: Launching of Balasore at Barclay, Curie and Co. Ltd. Whiteinch (Glasgow.)

          Owned by Eyre Evans and Co. to 1913.
1913-1917: S.V. Dalbek, Owned by Knohr & Burchard
1917-1918: S.V. Red Jacket, US Shipping Board.A few weeks after adopting this name it      was changed to:
1918-1923: S.V. Monongahela owned by US Shipping Board.
1923-1936: S.V. Monongahela owned by Charles Nelson Company.
1936-? : Maritime Agencies Co of Seattle. 
Later converted to a log barge at Vancouver, B.C.
Fate: 17 Dec. 1943,  Lost after breaking her tow; aground at Porcher Island, B.C. 

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