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21 July 2017


Schooner GRACIE S. 
Sailing Lake Washington, 17 April 1949.

Original photo by Ken Ollar from the archives of the S.P.H.S.©
"Seattle acquired another picturesque pleasure craft in the GRACIE S, a 96-ft power schooner, built in 1893 for the San Francisco Pilots Association. For 40 years she was in that service, standing about 15 miles off Golden Gate and contacting incoming and outgoing ships. Six pilots made their headquarters on her. The vessel owned at this time (1949) by Edison Kennell Jr was rebuilt and re-rigged. Beginning 20 June 1949 she cruised between Seattle and the north end of Vancouver Island carrying a crew of 12 boys who were taught the seafaring art." 
Source: The Seattle Times, April 1949.
Schooner GRACIE S
Looking aft from the starboard bow, with master rigger 

and sailmaker, Rupert Broom, at work on deck.
 The schooner carried 
3,900 sq ft of new canvas.

Dated 17 April 1949.
Click to enlarge.
Original photo by Ken Ollar from the archives of the S.P.H.S.©

Schooner GRACIE S.
Out on Lake Washington, with all hands heaving on the main 
throat halyard. The vessel is built of teak and Douglas fir and 
was the largest privately owned craft of her type in the PNW 
in 1949. Kennell brought the boat to Seattle under
her own power and has been reconditioning her,
guided by the old original blueprints.

Click to enlarge. 
Also dated 17 April 1949.
Original photo by Ken Ollar from the archives of the S.P.H.S.©
GRACIE S. has another chapter under the name of WANDERER with another owner––for another day.

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